Burn the Boards

Ever wondered what happened to the old mobile phone you threw away?

Burn The Boards is a mobile game designed to expose the reality of the informal worker breaking down e-waste for a living.

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The Game

The player takes on the role of Arun, a villager who came to the big city with his wife and child to try his luck. Arun gets work in Chopra’s e-waste scrapyard, a small backyard factory where a dozen workers recycle electronic components. In order to feed his family, Arun has to recycle as many boards as possible, while toxic fumes will also poison him at the same time.

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Migrating Workforce

In India, most of the workers in e-Waste recycling are from poor landless communities who have migrated from rural regions to the cities to survive. Many of them are minors. Almost 500,000 children are employed in recycling electronic waste, exposing themselves to harmful toxins. Causa Creations will actively support this community with the revenue generated by Burn The Boards.

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Electronic waste can be extremely valuable. Old phone and televisions can be repaired and sold in the second hand market or they can be broken down to harvest valuable material. However breaking down e-waste is extremely hazardous especially when broken down with out the right equipment. Workers in scrapyards are often exposed to an array of poisions and suffer from a number of ailments as a result.

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